it started in new york city

We met in New York City, fell in love, and had two children that teach us how to be a better people – everyday. New York was wonderful, but worked way too many hours, and not enough time for our family. For us it boiled down to one simple realization: we would rather be living a life we love every single day than living for the dream of a future that may or may not come to fruition. Finding a level of meaningfulness in our work and loving the people we interact with on a daily basis are all part of our vision for living a more beautiful life.

So, one day we decided to sell our house, pack our bags, and headed to the Swedish countryside.
We are now proud owners of a converted 1860’s barn with 4 loft apartments to share our dream of laid-back living by the sea.

Join us on our journey as we build a life we don’t need a vacation from.

Martin & Alicia